Women’s Formula Ingredients

What separates Siren’s Secret® from other products available today?

High Standards of ProductionSiren’s Secret® is manufactured in a NSF, GMP certified facility that carefully manufactures our products to ensure the highest quality supplements on the market today.

Delivery system (Vegetable Capsules)Siren’s Secret’s® ingredients are powder-based for maximum absorption. Our ingredients are packed within a vegetable capsule to make for easy digestion. Siren’s Secret® is absorbable by even the most sensitive digestive systems. This is important. When a product is made with a compressed pill, the body loses up to 80% of what is stated on the label through digestion. This means the absorption can be so minimal that the individual may see little, if any, benefit from the product. This is especially the case for those with compromised digestive systems. 

Quality of ingredientsSiren’s Secret® takes quality into account when picking our ingredients.  Our handpicked ingredients were selected specifically for their strength and effectiveness. Additionally, we have chosen the highest quality forms of our ingredients to ensure you are getting the best product possible. Different forms of the same ingredients have different absorption rates. This means an ingredient can have many different potency levels, which is why we made sure that not only are our ingredients of the highest quality, but they work cohesively to ensure the best results.

Siren’s Secret® Women’s Formula Ingredient Descriptions

L-Arginine – is a basic building block of life. This amino acid is extremely versatile and is involved in the processes of tissue maintenance, blood flow, aiding your body’s natural balancing of hormones, origination of the blood and energy production. L-Arginine is a must for workout enthusiasts, recovery time and has been used for years to aid in the promotion of sexual desire.

Damiana – The alkaloids found in damiana are believed to aid in the body’s response to hormone levels in women. It also stimulates the intestinal tract and promotes oxygenation throughout the body. Increased oxygen in the blood improves energy, endurance, libido and overall performance in all aspects of life.

Ginkgo Biloba – Ginkgo has been used to improve the function of the heart and lungs, and aid in the body’s natural blood flow, tissue maintenance and levels of oxygen in the blood. Ginkgo Biloba is believed to improve blood flow to the brain and eliminate free radical damage.

Horny Goat Weed -(Epimedium) has been used for centuries to aid the body’s natural response to women’s hormones. Balanced hormones are imperative to the body’s ability to encourage health, wellbeing and libido, as well as ensuring hormones work together.

Maca Root- Rich in starches and essential nutrients, Maca Root is used to improve hormonal issues including PMS, menopause, hot flashes, sexual desire and sexual function.  Maca Root nourishes the sources of female hormone production, helping the body find a safe, natural balance.  Maca Root also helps to increase blood flow to all areas of a woman’s body making it an important element to Siren’s Secret.

Muira Puama – One of the most active botanicals, the alkaloids, esters, plant sterols, free fatty acids and phytosterols in Muira Puama have been used to improve energy, blood flow, libido, menstrual, gastrointestinal and reproductive health. It has also been used to improve the body’s nervous system and aid the body’s natural response to hormone levels and is considered a must for enhancing physical performance.

Tribulus Terrestris – This all natural ingredient is a powerful way to maintain hormone balance, and has been used to aid in increased energy and libido. Tribulus Terrestris has also been used to improve physical performance and is a vital element for any strength and conditioning regimen.

Black Cohosh – This powerful ingredient has been instrumental by aiding in the body’s natural responses to the menstrual cycle, body heat consistency, and improved mood. It also helps improve natural lubrication and has been indicated for aiding joint health. Black Cohosh is an important element for a woman’s health regimen. 

Hops Extract – Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, Hops Extract has been used to improve hormones, lubrication, libido, and aid in the reduction of free radicals. Hops Extract is a must for women looking to improve their body’s overall performance.

Fenugreek – High in the Saponins, Diosgenin, Yamogenin, Tigogenin and Neotigogens, as well as a variety of antioxidants, fenugreek aids the body’s natural response to balancing hormones. Fenugreek promotes improved libido and intimacy, as well as blood flow and digestion. A powerful herb used for centuries to curb the negative effects of the female cycle, fenugreek also aids in recovery by soothing irritated tissue.

Saw Palmetto – Berries of the Saw Palmetto plant help maintain women’s hormones. Saw Palmetto berry is a powerful and all natural way to improve lubrication, blood flow, libido and digestion.

Mucana Pruriens – Mucana Pruriens nourishes the part of the brain and nervous system that controls pleasure and it has been used throughout history to improve mood, increase libido, and hormones. The use of high quality Mucana Puriens in our supplement are an essential part of overall body, mood and performance.

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  • Had no idea you could get results like this from an all- natural supplement. – Jillian, Boston, MA

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